Hey Doc, Did You Know?

There Are 10 Financial Mistakes

That Put Medical Practices Out Of Business?

And making just ONE of these can mistakes can derail your practice and put you years bedhind…

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Susan Bryant, CPA, CPT

Tax Strategist & Business Advisor

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Susan Bryant, CPA, CTP
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Dear Physician,

Would you agree with me if I said that business has become increasingly tough for physicians in private practice over the past few years?

I’m sure you’ve felt the pressure…

On top of providing top-notch medical care to your patients, you have to deal with all the complexities that come with leading a business – managing employees, billing, compliance…

As well as managing dozens of other routine admin tasks (hello bureau of paperwork).

In fact, a 2020 Cardinal Health survey found that most physicians see between an average of 20 patients per day. And, then have to attend to their business in the evenings and on weekends.

As a CPA who’s spent the last 20+ working with physicians and other growing businesses across the US, I understand the unique challenges you face while running your business…

In fact, I’ve discovered that there are 10 financial mistakes that most physicians make.

The problem I run into all the time is that most of the medical practice owners I talk to don’t have any idea that they have one (or more) of these success-killing problems…

And that’s why I decided to write my latest ebook…

10 Financial Mistakes Physicians Make That Require Immediate Treatment

Unleash the potential by formulating a holistic, long-term financial plan focused on building and protecting wealth you have worked so hard to create.

​Strategically set up profit-focused and future-oriented financial systems so you can grow your business while also being able to pay yourself the salary you want and deserve.

Overcome financial pitfalls by creating strong internal controls in your practice so you don’t have to worry about rogue employees.

Develop a comprehensive cash management strategy to reduce your stress and heartburn at night.

Build wealth outside of your practice by leveraging unique opportunities available for physicians.

Leverage three key strategies to reduce your tax bill and build your retirement nest egg…simultaneously.

​Identify and implement micro-strategies to keep chipping away at your tax burden.

​Evaluate employee performance and get the most out of your team.

​Monetize your practice, knowledge and expertise to fund your financial future

​And much, much more!

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Now Is The Time To Take Control Of  Your Finances And Your Future!

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