Signature Six-Step Onboarding Program

Breaking Free of Traditional CPA’s. . .

Our Signature Six-Step Onboarding Program is designed to guide us through a deep exploration of your entire financial landscape while gathering information we need to provide holistic accounting, tax, and business advice.

Get More for Your Business. Get Unboxed

You’re too busy, and too experienced to take advice from a CPA who spends one hour with you to “get to know you.” We bring our entire diversified team together for 120 minutes with you for every step of the onboarding program. Experience a deep, meaningful journey that envelopes our services around your most audacious business and personal financial goals.


Step 1

Your ambitions extend far beyond the ordinary, warranting an immersive alignment experience. Set success criteria, crystalize goals, review current advisor line-up and dive deep into your organizational responsibilities & accountability.

Step 2

How confident are you that 100% of your accounting processes, procedures and technology are optimized for maximum results? We’ll address your financial operations as we unbox your historical accounting, revenue & expenses, payroll, business policies, tech stack review and more!

Step 3

Achieving your financial goals and driving your business forward needs the king of all things… cash. Gain traction and action with enhanced cash monitoring, forecast assumptions, and UnTaxMe initial tax plan to keep your cash working for you and not the government.

Step 4

 Strengthen the tribe you surround yourself with as the company you keep will reveal the rewards you will reap. Explore your people processes by taking a guided tour through payroll processes, compensation structuring, human resources, culture, and strategic people planning.

Step 5

Level up your strategic business planning & operations game with Unboxed Financial Insights paving the way for plotting the most important initiatives in your business. Go further with us on your KPIs, sales & marketing health, and SWOT analysis to ensure your market positioning and key objectives are aligned for maximum results.

Step 6

Achieve full alignment on your mission and vision, create a “Stop Doing” list, complete the Unboxed Enterprise Value Quiz, unveil the Unboxed Advisory Board Members, evaluate the established success criteria and prioritize key initiatives for your explosive business and personal growth.


We guarantee you’ll love our Signature Six-Step Onboarding Program or your money back. If we fail to meet your expectations, we won’t keep your money and you’ll keep 100% of our work.

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