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Financial Executive

Financial Leadership you can Trust

In the Number Cruncher role, we serve as an external leader for overseeing the essential financial functions in your enterprise and managing the team of experts needed to keep you on course. You’ll also receive end-to-end accounting, financial inspections, and monthly discussions so that you are regularly apprised of progress made toward strategic initiatives. This is on top of everything in our Tax Adventure package—providing comprehensive support tailored to your needs. We take the lead on spearheading the execution of one major initiative each quarter and serve as the primary liaison across all other advisors so that the entrepreneur can stay focused on core business operations.

The Details

Accounting Automation Implementation

We will champion the implementation of technology to automate repetitive tasks, allowing staff to focus on higher-vale activities, improving productivity and accuracy.

Monthly Check-in Meetings

We’ll meet with you monthly to provide up-to-date and accurate financial information, enabling informed decision-making and better overall financial management.

Unboxed Business Reports

Accounting is a discipline and that means each month we’ll be preparing a 30-Point financial inspection and financial scorecard along with system generated financial reports. Our goal is to give you insights and determine the necessary actions to change outcomes for the better month over month, year over year.

Primary Financial Liaison

We’re the needle and thread that weaves each of your trusted professional advisors & service providers together. We’ll lead and manage the communications, meetings and shared initiatives among your team of advisors.

Unlimited planning guidance

We’re available for any and all questions, including M&A, succession, debt, working capital, retirement, etc. We are here to be your guide and dive into the achievement of key business objectives, aligning financial strategies with overall organizational and personal goals.

Unyielded Spearheading

We take one priority each quarter as identified from Get Unboxed Onboarding, Results and Insights meetings and put them on our to-do list, not yours.

End-to-End Accounting

All the accounting tasks to operate your business are handled by our talented team and powerful tech stack to handle all bank reconciliations, credit cards, AR, AP, and 1099 preparation.

Ready to Take The First Step?

Get Started

Begin your journey with us through an initial conversation. This is a relaxed and informal get-to-know-you call where we assess your needs, discuss your goals, and determine if we are the right fit for each other. It’s an opportunity for you to share your vision, and for us to understand how we can best support you on your financial journey.

Get Personal

Building a strong financial foundation is a collaborative process. We work closely with you, gathering insights into your unique circumstances and concerns to implement winning strategies.

Get Back In Control

Because now you have an integrated advisor who is devoted and committed to you.

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