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Ready to Level Up?

At the Blitz level, we serve as the navigator for entrepreneurs who have a well-established and strong accounting function and are looking for the direction their leadership team needs to execute a strategic plan.

Break Free from Traditional Accounting

We provide quarterly accounting oversight along with monitoring and accountability so that the business trajectory remains aligned with an owner’s personal financial goals. Annual income tax planning is also provided to minimize tax liabilities, optimize savings, and preserve capital for business or investment growth.

Starts at $5,250/mo

Tech Assessment

We don’t want you to have to pay a person to do what a computer can. We’ll examine everything related to your accounting processes and make recommendations on the specific areas that could be automated so you can do more with less resources.


Strategic Plan

Taxes are one of your largest expenses so we start during the Onboarding process by creating an initial tax plan. We focus on maximizing tax savings, ensuring compliance, providing peace of mind and enhancing the predictability of cash outflows related to taxes.


Check-In Meeting

We’ll meet with you quarterly so we can stay informed about changes with you and your business, assess the continued effectiveness of the finance function, answer questions and share tax/accounting/technology updates.


Business Reports

Accounting is a discipline and that means each quarter we’ll be preparing a 30-Point financial inspection and financial scorecard along with system generated financial reports. We’ll guide you through the story your financials are telling and provide insights on how to improve financial performance.

Tax Prep

& Notices

We’ll take care of preparing any and all Federal and State tax returns related to your business entity as well as related to your personal filing requirements. We’ll also handle extensions and respond to any tax notices you receive.


Tax Planning

We hate tax surprises as much as you do. We’ll make sure you know months ahead what you owe and you’ll rest easy knowing that we’ve helped you to fully leverage the tax code.

Unboxed Advisory Board Meetings (Annual)

We will curate an Advisory Board specifically for you and facilitate meetings on an annual basis. The Board will be future-focused and work to help you to innovate, solve business issues, and expand your impact.



Our memberships are created to serve you in perpetuity, with the flexibility to change membership tiers to go up or down at any time with and cancel your membership. No handcuffs, no long-term contracts.

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