Strategic Planning 101: Using Data to Drive Business Goals

January 04, 2024

In the cutthroat arena of modern business, strategic planning isn’t just a choice—it’s survival of the fittest. It’s about crafting a roadmap that doesn’t just lead but conquers. And in this high-stakes game, data is your secret weapon. We are not telling you anything groundbreaking. Business owners already know they should have a strategic plan based on facts—just like we know that if we eat more salads and go to the gym, the likelihood of wearing a size 4 again without a 1 in front of it significantly increases. But why is getting a strategic plan based on facts all pulled together akin to nailing Jello to a tree?

Most likely, it’s because the last time business owners invested time in planning, envisioned a glorious future, sought advice, and gave a damn, the plan ended up gathering dust on someone’s desk. So, while a solid plan should cover market positioning, unique selling points, risk assessment, and outcomes on paper, the real secret to strategic planning is not the actual creation of the plan, but the accountability to GSD—get sh*t done. Welcome to Strategic Planning 101: where we don’t just set goals, we obliterate them. 

Understanding Strategic Planning

Strategic planning isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s about declaring war on mediocrity and charging full speed ahead. This ain’t your grandma’s roadmap; it’s a battle plan for domination. It involves sizing up your competition, capitalizing on marketing trends, and executing with surgical precision. Enter the war room and let’s talk strategy because we at Unboxed Advisors aren’t your average consultant; we are the generals in your army, leading the charge with a ruthless focus on results.

Data: The Art of War

In the digital age, data isn’t just information—it’s power. It’s the intel that separates the conquerors from the conquered. Leveraging data analytics enables organizations to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and operational efficiency. Here’s how data becomes the arsenal in your strategic warfare:

  • Market Analysis: Data-driven market analysis allows businesses to identify trends, customer preferences, and emerging opportunities. By riding the waves of market dynamics, organizations can skillfully strut into position, ready to pounce on the hottest trends of today and tomorrow.
  • Competitor Assessment: Analyzing competitor data is like unleashing a Sherlock Holmes on their business landscape. This treasure trove of insight doesn’t just help businesses identify their unique selling points, but also play a strategic game of connect-the-dots to spot market gaps and refine their tactics for that sought-after competitive edge. 
  • Internal Evaluation: Think of data analytics as the backstage pass to your organization’s inner workings. Like having a backstage crew for your business, helping you figure out where you’re killing it and where you might need a little extra oomph. With this insider info, organizations can fine-tune their operations, divide up resources, and tackle improvement zones more effectively.
  • Risk Management: Data can aid in anticipating potential risks and uncertainties. Think of it as your business crystal ball – helping you peek into the future and spot potential hiccups. Whether it’s economic shifts, technological disruptions, or regulatory changes, businesses equipped with data-driven insights are better positioned to adapt and mitigate risks.
  • Goal Setting: Setting realistic and measurable goals is crucial for your strategic planning. Data helps in defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring progress toward these goals, granted as stated before it all comes down to accountability -are you staying on track and working towards your goals?

Enter Unboxed Advisors, where we cut through the bullsh*t and focus on the facts, not fluffy  feelings. When we dive into strategic planning with a private client, we’re not just here to create a plan; we’re here to make sure it happens. Our to-do list is the battle plan, and our visionary velocity rocket fuel is the secret sauce.

In short, strategic planning, fueled by data-driven insights and a GSD attitude, is the optimal game plan for business owners. As you embark on your strategic planning journey, remember it’s essential to have the right warriors by your side. Unboxed Advisors has you covered. 


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