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When it comes to entity formation, each selection has its own set of rules and regulations. Understanding these distinctions is crucial as they can impact how your business is classified and taxed. What works for your neighbor or colleague may be catastrophic for your situation – so give a lot of thought into your entity selection before getting too far down the road. 

 What You Are Now: We’ll evaluate your current business structure and ensure it aligns with your goals and financial strategies. This step is crucial in laying the foundation for optimal financial management.

What You Might Want to Be in the Future: We’ll discuss your long-term vision for the business. Understanding your future goals will help us structure your business in a way that supports your business, personal & financial goals. 


Understanding how exactly to pay yourself without tipping the government is not an easy task. We’ll educate you on Self-Employment Tax, explore how this tax is calculated and provide strategies to minimize its impact.

How to Minimize: We’ll outline actionable steps to balancing your income, including your deduction do’s & don’ts along with our expense management techniques.

Why to Minimize: Reducing self-employment income can lead to significant tax savings. We’ll illustrate the benefits of proactive income management.

Estimated Quarterly Taxes: We’ll guide you through the process of making estimated quarterly tax payments, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and avoiding penalties.


New Books: Start off with your own accounting books for your business. We’ll provide you with the resources to help you get started with QuickBooks Online.

Expenses: We’ll discuss the types of expenses that can be deducted, emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between personal and business expenses.

Defining Ordinary and Necessary: We’ll provide clarity on what constitutes an ordinary and necessary business expense, ensuring compliance with IRS guidelines.

Required Documentation/Support: Maintaining thorough documentation is crucial for substantiating deductions. We’ll outline best practices for record-keeping.

Receipt Rules: We’ll explain the IRS requirements for retaining receipts and provide guidance on proper record-keeping.

Examples – Deduction Guidelines on Our Website: For your convenience, we’ve compiled specific deduction guidelines on our website to serve as a reference point.

Typical Questions – Autos, Travel, Meals, Entertainment, Contractor vs. Employee: We’ll address common queries related to deductions, providing clarity on areas that often generate questions


Deadlines to Manage – Federal and State: Timely management of federal and state deadlines is crucial to avoid penalties. We’ll provide a clear overview of key dates for your business.


Tax Planning – What it is and why it is so important – We’ll provide an in-depth understanding of tax planning and highlight its significance in optimizing your financial position. Effective tax planning can lead to substantial savings and pave the way for long-term financial success.

Advisor Selection – Leverage Who Not How: During our process we will review your ICOE 25, a comprehensive list of all the advisor roles you’ll need filled during your start-up journey. If you want to go further, faster – leverage the experience of experts! 

How We Work – What to Expect from Us – We’ll outline our collaborative approach to working with clients, emphasizing open communication, proactive strategies, and a personalized approach to meet your specific needs.

Strategically Set Up Your Business From The Start

Starting a new business venture is hard work. Along the way there’s an unlimited amount of decisions that you’ll need to make. Without the proper education of each option, there can be a massive dumb tax you’ll end up paying in time and money.

If you want to go further, faster – it’s time to shift gears from DIY to ROI. Our powerhouse team of Unboxed Advisors are uniquely equipped to help you achieve crystalized clarity, reverse engineer your results, and strategically jump start your business. Uncover your hidden profit centers, triage your biggest constraints on scaling, and gain the disruptive edge that generates cash.

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