What Does Getting Unboxed Mean

March 01, 2024

For the past 21 years, I have worked in a “traditional” CPA firm and done all the typical things the accountants do – historical accounting services and tax return preparation. The last several years, I felt this deep yearning to drive more impact by leveraging the depth and breadth of my accounting, tax, business and financial knowledge. I started by creating annual tax planning methodologies and tracking how much my ideas were saving my clients….it was incredible! Once I saw how effective that was, I started implementing mid-year tax planning sessions to allow for even more time to contemplate advanced strategies and provide education to my customers. Then, I started working on strategic planning and asking better questions of my business owners so I could better understand what their goals were and then digging deeper into their operations, expenses, staff utilization, pricing and so many other areas….all with the intention of rooting out inefficiencies, extra expenses, and margin opportunities.

When we started focusing on the future instead of the past, magic started happening – reinvested tax savings combined with disciplined accounting routines, well thought out strategic plans, enhanced leadership skills and solid advisory teams allowed my business owners to post huge wins.

Then, the pandemic hit and I spent 4+ months non-stop talking to clients and working on PPP loans so I could make sure they were in the best financial position possible. The closer I got to each of them, the more I saw their struggles – rev gen, customer service, insurance renewals, state sales tax, compensation, benefits, selection of the right financial advisor, estate planning. But, I didn’t have enough time to truly serve in all of these capacities since my previous CPA-firm focus was “accounting” and “tax.”

It felt wrong to look the other way and let my business owners struggle under the guise of “it’s busy season.”

So, I’ve hopped off the “traditional” CPA train that is so narrowly focused and have joined forces with Catherine Meyer, self-proclaimed Operations Nerd and Automation Fanatic, to found Unboxed Advisors, the first firm in a brand new category of business advisory services that unites accounting and tax with future-focused holistic planning, unparalleled customer experience, unlimited guidance and never-ending value.

At Unboxed, we’re setting a new standard for what business owners should expect when it comes to a professional financial solution for themselves and their businesses.

So, what does that mean exactly? For our Unboxed Advisors members it means:

  • We’re available to answer the phone, meet with you within 24 hours and get you any necessary financial, tax and business information to make timely financial decisions.
  • We do a deep dive for the first six to eight weeks that we start working together – we want to know everything about you and your business so we can offer comprehensive advice as well as help to formulate or find the right solutions.
  • We want to be the quarterback of major initiatives and the coordinator among all financial advisors so you can stay focused on money-making activities (and be less stressed).
  • We investigate all the possible ways to make more money, save more money or prevent the loss of money. Think more profits, less taxes and solid asset protection.
  • We handle all of the routine financial work with an eye for maximum automation and tech stack integration….you need this function to be scalable and we get it.
  • We integrate ourselves into your organization’s leadership team and create practices that ensure the rest of the team is functioning at their highest and best level.
  • We view ourselves as the guardians of entrepreneurial wealth – we want to help to build it, preserve it and protect it so your legacy is cemented.

There are a lot of tasks that go into making the above a reality; however, we don’t bother our subscription members with all those details. For a fixed monthly fee, we’ll handle everything across all entities owned and for the individual owner. And, we deliver the results promised with no risk…because we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

It’s time for business owners to receive the level of service and financial guidance they deserve…it’s time to break free.


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